Everything is Going to Be O.K.

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Agreement 7 (from the 9 Agreements) is “Assist Others In Showing Up As Their Real and Best Selves.”  This Agreement is also known as "Johnny Lingo."

Geoffrey Canaan once wrote, “We create the People in our life by what we're looking for.”

The question is, what are you looking for?   

In our fear and doubts it’s easy to expect the worst-  to anticipate inevitable disasters in the lives of those we love.  Perhaps we think this will ease the pain when this person finally and fully crashes and burns, or even dies.

The truth is, however, that what we anticipate- what we “look for” is a major factor in the outcome.  

Chances may be slim of your struggling child, spouse or friend turning around and finally emerging into the happy, productive life he or she was born for.  But you are looking for slim!  

How you see someone deeply affects how he or she sees him or her self. In one study, researchers tested 30 elementary school students, then randomly picked 5 kids and told the teacher that these kids scored as “gifted.”  Researchers tested the 30 kids later in the year and found that these 5 kids they had randomly picked actually scored higher than the rest of the class.

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This is what's so miraculous about being Johnny Lingo: what you choose to see is what tends to be!

What is my message as Johnny Lingo?  What is my opportunity? It is this- that through the grace of God, I will be the mirror of possibility, of hope and even of miracles in your life.   

This is our message to our loved ones, even those that may seem lost right now:

You're going to make it!  
You are beloved of God.
You can be blessed with strength to overcome this.  
I believe in you.  
I am so excited to have you in my life.  
I know God can lead you to what you want- to what you're working toward.  

No matter how things appear, what you decide to see can be what actually is.  

Be still and hold the mirror of what you see in front of this person you love so much.  It may be against all odds, but your message will always be the same:  Everything is going to be O.K. How can it not? We were born for glory.  We were born for hope, for love, for wholeness and for happiness. 

This is the mirror you hold. This is the message you bring. Whisper this sweet truth into his or her soul: “Everything is going to be O.K.”  

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