I posted the words to this song sometime ago. Many of you joined with me then in celebrating Narelle coming into my life, but this is not just from me to Narelle. Many have also found, like me, that “every piece” of your soul eventually finds its way to someone who feels like home. For my single friends, this is also for you. Each day that you draw near to God and live what you believe creates a confidence and peace in you that’s hard to resist. Get ready... Your Prince (or Princess) is coming! .

Deep thanks to Ray & Barbara Jones and Masa Fukuda for making this recording possible.

P.S. The lyric, “There you sit, so innocent, asking me once again” refers to my darling wife reflecting on over 150 romantic songs spanning decades of my previous single years, just wondering (just for a moment), when her romantic song would be written.

Narelle on deck.PNG