tep 4) During our 1st meeting, add your Homework & Personal Agreements to your home screen (on your phone). 

The strength of personal coaching is making specific personal and couple agreements. These agreements are something you're going to want to review frequently.

Adding your Homework and Personal Agreements to your homes screen can only be done only through "Google Drive" which you would need to add from your "Play Store" app on your phone. 

Once you have Google Drive on your phone... 
1) click the 3 parallel lines at the top left of the screen, then
2) Click on "Shared with me" and locate the document.  It will include your name so it should be easy to see.

Once you've located the document you can click the three vertical dots (seen in red below) and add the document to your home screen (P.S. Your document is NOT called "Adobe Project."  It will be a document with your name in it.

Adding your google shared doc (Homework and Personal Agreements) to phone home screen.

Step 1) We will send you the link to the shared doc. in an email.  
Step 2) Open Safari.
Step 3) In Safari go to your Google Drive.  
Step 4) Look in "Shared with me" and find the document sent to you.
Step 5) Tap the Share button on the browser’s toolbar — that’s the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It’s on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone.  Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu. 

If you are using "Google Drive" on your phone, you'll also find it there under "Shared with Me."  From here you can "Star" it, add it to favorite for quick access.

From our team page

Please create a personal slack account at www.slack.com. Slack is our bulletin board- a way to text each other within our different projects. Each “channel” represents a different project (or a different department or team). If you’re texting just something personal to Narelle or I or to another team member, just go ahead and text normally. But, if you’re texting a Narelle or me or a team member related to a project, then use slack. Note: Make sure you sign up for slack with the email we in our directory for you.


Click here to join us online  

When you go to this link (above), you'll either "Launch Application" or click:  "If nothing prompts from browser, download & run Zoom."

If you can't join by computer or smartphone, feel free to join us by phone: 408-638-0968 / PIN: 276 788 4415

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