Safety Warnings:
Blow guns (especially) bamboo darts (zingers) should be used under parental supervision.
2) Never aim toward someone’s head. 5) To avoid inhaling darts, use the long, choke-proof darts or choke-proof guns.
3) Never leave your dart gun loaded (you could end up with an unexpected Zinger).

How to use the blow gun:
1) Get your mouth all the way around the end of the gun, unless you’re using a choke-proof gun .
2) Suck air back in through empty gun after each shot (keeps the gun working well)
3) Some of the blow guns are choke-proof. You can load these from the shooting end of the gun. Others you’ll have to load from the end the dart comes out of.
4) If not using choke-proof gun or choke-proof long darts, please be careful not to inhale darts.

Which darts to use:
The pointed, wooden darts (zingers) are only to be used under parental supervision.  
2) The soft darts (with suction cups) can be used by anyone, anytime. 
WARNING: Do not aim EITHER of these kinds of darts toward someone’s head.

Soft Dart - Uses:
a) Great for paper cups, windows, refrigerators, and even small wars, as long as you’re not shooting above the chest. 
b) Good for “skeet” shooting with one person throwing up a paper plate and the other person shooting at it.
d) Find a good animal show on TV and try to hit animals before they disappear. For adults, works well working out frustrations with whatever your opposing position’s Channel is i.e. Fox or MSNBC etc. There’s a lot of folks you could stick it to in the quiet peace of your own living room. Follow this up with some meditation or exercise.

Zingers are great for cardboard boxes, balloons etc.
b) Zinger golf. (Part 2 Course) For some major fun, set up a blow gun course with 8 Boxes. Put targets on one side of each box in a park, making it so you need 1 to 2 shots to get to the front of each box. Must land dart on front of box. Score deduced by counting strokes getting to box + the number inside the ring you hit. The center circle is zero. The next ring out is 1, then 2 etc.
Note: PLEASE do not shoot a zinger if anyone is in front of you, just like golf.

UBG Kits include:
1) 1 Ultimate Blow-Gun
2) 3 hand made, soft Darts
3) 3 hand maid, long-range, (18 and older) darts (affectionately known as “Zingers”)

$10.00 Venmo John Canaan. Pick up at Fun For Less Tours in Draper (or, shipping is $5.00)
To order, text John at 801 613 8354.

Office, mini set (coming soon).
2) Love Gun (the ultimate ice-breaker, coming soon)
Hand Painted Gun (by Kayla’s Brother)
4) Targets, for Zingers (Note that if you purchase multiple targets you can set up a super fun course) More about this coming soon.
5) Rack - Great for holding the darts. ($5.00)
6) Extra Zingers or soft darts. ($1.00 per dart)