Dear Path of Peace Friends and Family:

We have loved serving you and hundreds of others for many years. As time rolls on we want to make whatever adjustments in our organization necessary to effect even more people for good.

Effective today, we are offering a group discount of $97 per person for the 2-day workshop (for any group of 2 or more). This offer doesn’t change our price on the website. It is a special that is only available:

a) In email and text announcements (“specials”),

b) at our seminars, and

c) Through you (whether there is a special or not, and whether your friend or family member has been to a seminar or not).

For your friend or family member to take advantage of this offer they simply need to venmo Narelle Canaan $97 with a note about the group rate and who they will be attending with.

Let us know if you have any questions!

We’re looking forward to many more fun years of service.


John & Narelle