personal coaching - julie 

  • Appointments - Text Narelle @ 801 548 8212  
  • Breakthrough

    Personal Agreements (Lighting Julie's Future)
  1. Personal scriptures and prayer, twice a day (morning and night) for 6 months.
    Either morning or night could include ARP or conference talk, to listen to or read
  2. Scripture and prayer with Dad or Mom, every day.  (If nothing else, try the "Book of Mormon" experience - two random scriptures that God will sometimes connect for you)
  3. Keep high company.  For 3 months, avoid interaction with people who are not on a higher road.  Do your very best.
  4. Man Fast. For 3 months, do a "Man Fast."  All interactions with men are clearly at a friendship level.  Face to face interactions with men are always in a group - THREE MONTHS OF DETOX.  YAY!!!
  5. Church, every Sundayespecially when you don't feel like it.  Celebrate the boring talks.  Meditate on the sound of the spirit in your soul.
  6. Exercise at least  20 minutes a day.  
    i.e. 20 minutes to Winagers
    Combining, at least on the way back:
    *Meditation, prayer

    Tennis or walk with Madison or chase, every day at Mom's
  7. Breakthrough as  
    Supplemental breakthrough, as needed: FM 107.5 (K Love)
    Also, John's primary music
  8. Journal every night, any feelings that need your attention.  "What I feel is ________.  What I'm willing to do is _______"
  9. ARP meeting once a week, hopefully with Peter.
  10. Great White Line 21 days with no exception.  3 months with whatever exceptions you write in a personal contract.
    No white, refined, sugar treats.    
    No white flour.
    No white rice.
    Welcome to a whole new world!
  11. Each day, call or text chase with your report for the day, either "I nailed it" or " I need support.  Lets talk, but I'm back on the program."