Michele Barney

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Agreements 7 30 2019

1) 30 minutes a week (Sundays) in a walk and interview   

2) Terms of Daniel’s phone privileges.

a) Each night, room is clean.
Checked at 7AM 5 days a week. If Daniel’s room doesn’t pass inspection, according to Michele, she will take the phone to work.  To get phone back, Daniel provides picture of clean room on IPAD (sends it to Michele - several angles). If Daniel gets angry at this program, then phone is taken away for an extra day.  

b) 5 days a week:  1 hour of real research.  1 hour of applications. Full time job by 8 28 2019.   

If either dimension of the above goes south, Daniel lovingly hands over the phone until it’s corrected.  Which will mean Daniel may be looking for a job without a phone. 

3) Text John every day:

1  (or Thumb up) “I’m nailing this (I’m keeping my agreements)” or 

2  (or Thumb down followed by Thumb up) “I’ve fallen off program but as of this very moment I am back on the program and am 100% committed to keeping personal agreements. and promises.”   

Video call of last meeting - Michele and Daniel