Witnessed Walk-List / 21 Day Challenge

Click here for walk-list

1) Increase mental presence
2) Get to know each other better
3) Strengthen emotional intimacy
4) Create positive emotional backdrop necessary for effective issues management i.e. Love Seat.

Using the document or the recording, walk at least 15 minutes a night and work through the “Walk List”, picking issues that you have with each other. Stop the recording or reading at anytime to share, out loud, what’s coming to you. Each share whenever you’d like, keeping in the mind the following:
2) All shares should be close to the heart (about you) or should address your personal breakthrough vs. his or her faults.
3) With #2 in mind, consider not doing the following sections out loud: #1) My Story (What am I telling myself that may not be true) #2) What's True? #3) What I Need #5) Mirror.
4) Do not respond to each other’s process during witnessed walk list. You are a witness in each other’s breakthrough, not a participant or counselor.
5) Don’t share anything in your breakthrough process that could be construed as blaming or criticizing your partner. This is about your breakthrough, not his or her faults.

Other Guidelines
1) 10 to 15 minutes a day, every day, 21 days.
2) This is a substitute for Nightly Check-In & Chit-Chat.
3) Make operational requests only during 21 days.
4) Do not use this challenge as a way of getting digs or complaints in from the side.
5) You may want to develop a protocol for stopping and starting the reading or listening i.e. “Please stop”, “O.K. please go on, or share”, something simple.
6) The Breakthrough Book or recordings can be used instead of the Walk-List materials if you’d like. Ideally, start with the Walk-List for the first 10 days, then if you’d like, move to the Breakthrough Book.
7) Abort this process if it isn’t producing positive results. See your personal relationships trainer ASAP.