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“You Can Count On Me”

From the “Path of Peace - Couples GPS” seminar    

I see that you are not in the way of what I want.

I see that you are the way— that it is through my relationship with you that I am learning about love in a way I never could have- that through the challenges in our relationship I have an opportunity to become a man/woman of compassion, patience, strength, understanding, humility, discipline and forgiveness.

It is through loving you that I come to know what love really is-- that it is not something that happens to me (as I’ve seen in the movies) - it is something that happens in me.  It is the condition of my heart and soul-  and my heart and soul, in moving toward this condition have naturally brought me to exactly what I’ve needed -  you.  In saying “I do” to you, my journey to love became sure.

 You are the way.

 So, no matter how I feel from day to day- no matter what my inclination is to live in disappointment, I promise you, that if you will do the same, I will continue to love you and serve you.  I will lift you, grow with you and take care of you.  I will come to know you- every part of you- every little feeling- every dream- every fear and every yearning.  I will hear you when you need to be heard.  I will see you when you feel invisible.  I will hurt with you when you hurt, laugh with you when you laugh, learn to care about what you care about and learn to do and say the things that make you feel the most loved.  But more so, I will be patient with you as you learn to love me.  Because I know it’s not always easy to love me.  But I will be faithful to you as you are learning.

 Thank you for your love.  Thank you so much for your love.  Because I do feel it.  Thank you for being my partner.  Thank you for your commitment—a commitment that is giving me a chance to find my Heavenly Father in a way I might not ever have been able to— to feel the peace He knows, and in a small sense, to be the love that He is.

You can count on me to find you and to love you.  I will always love you— I will be here-- and in being here, give more to you, to our children, to God and to everyone on this planet, than I ever could have, in any other way.  You can count on me to love you.