Breakthrough for beginners

Breakthrough Options for first Several Meetings of Mastery

“Hey, I think I’ve got a story about this.  Fascinating!”
Don’t judge yourself for it.  Don’t even judge the story. Just notice!  Of course, it hurts to be in your story. But let this be the pain of sorrow, not self condemnation.  You have withdrawn from love and/or hope and it hurts. That’s a natural, beautiful sorrow vs. shame ie. “What’s wrong with me?!  Why do I always have to be in a story about everything?!”

Note “Story”, in this document, refers to an inner experience of distrust.

  1. Victim story - “I have to endure pain of your misbehavior”

  2. Villain story - “You truly are the bad guy, not me”

  3. Helpless story - “I’m stuck.  I cant do about any of this”

  4. Redemption - “You need to go with my plan so that I’ll feel better about myself”

  5. General distrust - “This universe and everyone in it is clearly against me”

Identify what you’re worried about.  Get it all out from everywhere it’s hiding.  That’s what’s eating you up - worries hiding in the background and shadows.  It is what’s unclear and unspoken that causes anxiety.
b) Whatever it is you’re worried about, just go to the worst case scenario i.e. you lose the house, everyone hates you, you die alone etc.  
c) Ask yourself “Could I live with that?”