Proxy apology possibilities

Please put a check mark by the ones you would like your proxy to say to you, in behalf of someone you need to hear it from and then hand it to your proxy.   

  1. It’s me and/or I hear you.

  2. I understand what you’re saying or  

  3. I think I understand.  I think I always did.

  4. I wanted to love you so much more.  I’m so sorry. I got so lost, so confused in my life, so afraid.

  5. I went into so much darkness, and I couldn’t seem to get out.

  6. I pointed it all at you.

  7. I let you down. I let you down so badly. I see this now. I know this now.

  8. I made you feel less-than, disregarded, like nothing.

  9. I wanted so much to come through for you, but I let you down.

  10. So listen now, please.  This is the real me now. I have always loved you.  That was never the question. There just wasn’t much of me left to love you or come through for you.  I was gone and I didn’t know how to find my way back.

  11. Since the moment I first saw you, I loved you.  

  12. I will always love you.  How could I not!?

  13. I’m so sorry.  Please, would you forgive me?   

Note that there are two possibilities, and both are real.  There is the him or her that truly let you down- a scoundrel, a narcissist, a self-centered brat, an abusive monster in some cases.  There is also the real man, or woman, who at least wanted to come through for you- to love you, to make you feel protected, respected, cherished and loved.  He or she is in there, to some small degree. So as your proxy asks for your forgiveness, what will you choose to be real?  Because it is a choice.  And however you choose to see the past is how you will tend create the future.  

  1. Will you forgive me?

  2. One day in the arms of the Savior we will know completely what we have struggled to know here, but until that day, all I want from you is to remember as loving you.  Remember me as loving you.