10 Step BreakthrougH

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This collage was inspired by the “Sedona Method”, ConniRae Andreason’s “Core Transformation”, Harry Palmer,  Dave Newren, Dr. Cliff Dunston, Michael Singer, Byron Katie and Jeff Herrera.  Note: This is written in the 3rd person, as if you are working on it with a friend or facilitator.  If you’re working with this alone, same thing.  Let’s face it, you’ve been talking to yourself for years.  Might as well get somewhere with it.

1) Identify unwanted feeling or belief, including a short vent if necessary.  In terms of intensity, please give it a number from 1 to 10 (10 being the greatest).

Note: Is there anything underneath this subject line (what you’ve just identified)?  Is there anything underneath this?.. and so forth, for a moment or two.  (See “Picking a Subject Line” in the Breakthrough Book or click here for ideas)

2) Welcome this feeling or belief.
Don’t try to push it away.
Don’t try to pretend it’s not there.
Don’t wish it didn’t exist.
Don’t try and get away from it.
Just welcome this feeling, belief or inner experience.  

   Tell me when you’re complete with fully welcoming.

3) Praise God for this feeling or limiting belief i.e.
It would sound something like this: “Thank you so much for the growth and refinement that can come from this and that through this  you can make weak things strong and bring me home.”

   Tell me when you’re complete with choosing praise or gratitude.

4) Ask, “Is it possible that this feeling or belief is not actually you?”

5) Ask, “Is it possible that this feeling or belief is a part of you that is seeking to protect you from something?
(or “is a hysterical response to your life circumstances and fears, and one that isn’t working out very well?”)  - “yes” or “no.” Either answer is perfect. Note: Rather than being angry with this part of yourself, simply be present to it.  Return to step 3 as necessary.

6)  Ask, “Now that you have fully welcomed and experienced this (whatever you’re working on) perhaps you could, to some degree, just let it go.  I’m not asking you to let it go, but do you think you could just let it go?  Is that possible?   

- “yes” or “no.”  Either answer is perfect.

7) Ask, “Will you let this go?”   “yes” or “no.” Either answer is perfect.

8) Simple Exchange
Notice that this part of you is loosening.  Notice it is beginning, all by itself, to thin and to gently move out into the infinite space in front of you.  Notice at the same time the light and love of God moving through you, from the top of your head, down into your whole soul.  Notice these two things happening at the same time.

   Tell me when you are noticing both of these things at the same time.  
   Stay with this for a minute or so. 

9) Choose a new experience
”What are you willing to cause?” or “What reality do you now choose?” I.e. “I cause _________” or “I am _________” and/or or “I will cause ________” or just “I _________” etc.   What is the truth about who you really are, about what God is trying to make of you, about what you’re fully willing to do and be?  It may be feel awkward sometimes to say it, but in saying it, you declaring a new reality.

As you state what you are causing, don’t try to cause it.  On the other hand, don’t resist not having it.  Don’t wonder if it is possible.  On the other hand, don’t try to force yourself into it, or force it into you.  Simply say it. Just say the truth, and in this faith and reverence enter fully into cause i.e. “God said, let there be light and there was light.”  You are a child of the living God whose existence is pure, infinite cause.  

Multiple choice test. Which is more true?
a) ”Reality” causes what you see and say and experience.
b) What you say and see and choose to experience causes reality.

Note: You may be inspired, as with #1, to see if there’s anything underneath the first stated new reality i.e. “Is there anything else?” or “is there anything underneath this?” You may want to play with this for a bit until you feel you’ve got to something core for this person (or for yourself).

10) Just say “yes” (Saying “yes” to what you are causing or to who you are)
Are you ______? (person you’re working with, even if it’s you, says “yes.”)
So it’s true that you are _________?  (“yes”)
So what you’re saying is that you are _______?” (“yes”)  
Is this true? (“yes”)
So it’s true then? (“yes”)  
So if I look up ________ in the dictionary I’ll see a picture of you?
Say it one more time.  (“yes”)

Note: With“Just Say Yes” you can alternate between your new belief or reality and the word “yes”, as inspired. Sometimes it’s better to just get on a roll with the word “yes.” Sometimes, salt and peppering your roll with reiterations of the affirmation (the new belief or reality) creates even more substance to this process.

Start over at the top (#1 of the 10 Step Breakthrough Collage), repeating the process, with the same subject line until you have come to a rating that seems acceptable to you for now. (Rating is 0 to 10, with 10 being highest).

Note that this process is for inner breakthrough. It’s designed to remove the blocks between you and the actions leading to what you want.  In action we go the opposite direction of breakthrough: We experience something differently, inside, as we cause something different outside.  Ultimately, our actions cause our deepest breakthroughs.  

Credits & Recommendations:
This 10 Step Breakthrough collage was inspired by many gifted authors and teachers, including Jeff Hererra, Randy Jacobs, and Cliff Dunston.   If you would like to get much deeper into breakthrough and consciousness training, we recommend, in this order: Avatar Training in Florida (with Harry Palmer), The Sedona Method CD collection (with Hale Dwoskin), Core Transformation 8 hours of streaming video (with Connirae Andreas).

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“10 Step Breakthrough” - Notes

“10 Step Breakthrough” - Notes

If inspired, do an initial 30 to 60 second venting.   Let it go baby.  You deserve a little venting!   It’s a pi_ _er isn’t it!? “What in the heck is with this guy (or woman)?”  or whatever want to quickly get off your chest.

Extra notes on this step:  What remains unspoken (what we sweep under the carpet) tends to cycle and expand.  

You may want to put left side of a piece of paper, or with an air pencil (a visualized pencil) in the space in front of you i.e. “I feel _____”, or “Things never work out. They never will” etc.

Please note that identifying a false belief (vs. a feeling) is tricky. Your false beliefs are hiding from you and don’t want to be discovered.  Some can be discovered in pure revelation, where God simply turns on the lights and you suddenly see this purely made up belief you’ve been harboring for years!  

Another way to discover a false belief it to look at your current results. For instance, if I keep attracting relationships with people who are self absorbed I may not believe I deserve love.

Be prayerful.  Perhaps get feedback from friends.  Write some possibilities.

Examples of false or limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t matter

  • What I do will never be good enough

  • My feelings don’t matter

  • I’m not good enough

  • He or she doesn’t trust me, respect me, honor me, or cherish me

  • No one needs me

  • I can’t do this

  • I’m worthless

  • I’m alone and always have been and always will be

  • No one will ever come through for me

  • I’m lost

  • I’m invisible

  • I’m a failure

  • I cannot be forgiven

  • No one wants me

  • There is no hope

  • I have no control over myself

  • I need to be in control of others or I won’t be safe

Examples of negative feelings:

  • hopeless

  • angry

  • overwhelmed

  • jealous

  • afraid

  • invisible

  • alone

  • defeated

Welcoming your negative feelings or false beliefs

The key to melting your resistance is to to fully acknowledge a feeling or negative believe while at the same time, note that you are not your beliefs or feelings.  

When we give voice to our distrust, negative emotion or belief we immediately begin to disassociate from it.

The secret to this is first fully acknowledge a false belief or negative thought that’s been looming in the shadows.  Hale Dwoskin suggest that you welcome whatever negative thought or feeling you are starting to notice, just like you would welcome an old friend into your home or a sudden, unexpected thunderstorm.

Note that your negative feeling, limiting belief or negative tendency is different from your experience of these things. A limiting belief is simply that; a limiting belief. Your experience of this limiting belief can create inner trauma and resistance. The same is true with a tendency.

You may in fact have a tendency to put 2nd things first. That is one thing. Your experience with that tendency may be causing a lot more problems than the tendency itself.

Remember, it’s your experience with things that we are mainly working on in a breakthrough. We’re simply trying to release the energy that seems to be holding our nightmares together.

Simple exchange - Step 8 from the “10 Step Breakthrough” Collage

First, turn up your awareness to your breathing.  Don’t try to control your breathing. Just be aware of it-  the feeling of the air passing in and out of you.

Allow whatever it is you’re working on to begin passing from the front of your body.  Do not try to push out your stuff. Just allow it to begin passing from the front of you, forward into infinite space.   

Once this movement is flowing (which can be instantly), allow at the same time, a flow of the light of God and Christ, directly through the top of your head into your entire being.  In this sense there is a “simple exchange”- God’s light taking the place of your negative feelings or limiting beliefs and your resistance to your negative feelings or limiting beliefs.  

At the same time, continue to be aware of your breathing.  Don’t try to control or change your breathing.  

Questions 4 to 7 from the “Presence 10 step breakthrough.”

The answer is either “yes” or “no.”  Either one is perfect. The secret is not to think about it.  Just answer. The point of this method is to underscore this central truth: We either think, or we choose.  Thinking usually keeps us stuck.  Choosing is the beginning of possibility.

Question 4 - “Is it possible this is not you?”, meaning, is it possible that this is just an outgrowth of you, but not you i.e. like mold is on wood, or a pimple is on your face, or like  an infection or virus is in your body- something that has formed or grown on or in you that is not actually you.  Is this possible?  

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