Weekly inventory


1) Pick a regular time - Sometime Sunday morning, afternoon or evening usually works.

2) Weekly inventory can include several elements, depending on how you want to approach it i.e.

  • Weekly planning

  • Celebrate what’s been going well

  • Review current agreements

  • Whatever budgeting conversation needs to occur (this may need a whole separate meeting) and then finally,

  • New issues (or updating current agreements). See #3 below. These are issues that need a little more attention than provided in a U.S.A. request at Nightly Check In & Chit Chat but aren’t necessarily requiring a Peace Talk or Love Seat - although they could.  

3) Before covering new issues, you could ask each other, "How can I come through for you even better?"  From there, whoever asks this takes notes on what his or her partner needs more or less of, how it looks, when to do it etc. 

Ideally you would take turns asking "How can I come through for you even better" followed by some brainstorming and then finally arriving at your agreement. 

Be intentional, respectful, creative and inspired enough get through issues in no longer than 20 to 30 minutes max, even if you only cover one issue.

4) Ideally, issues should be written down in advance.  This insures that you’re not coming into a conversation hot, and that you’ve hopefully done some breakthrough work on whatever it is.  

5) Dealing with new (or still unresolved) issues can either be:
a) a U.S.A. request (unloaded, specific, affirmative) or, if inspired...
b) a Peace Talk (after reviewing the articles of peace), or…
c) a Love Seat.

Make sure you are alternating in terms of issues from meeting to meeting. Also make sure your partner is fully enrolled in the conversation (You may want to consider a coaching session for anything that is too charged.).